Weekly Happenings

Sunday: Worship 4pm

Wednesday: Love Feast in Wilcox Park 6pm (weather permitting, bring your own supper)

Thursday: Morning Study at Common Ground 9:30am

Sunday: If your job doesn’t require that you work on Sunday, we invited you to treat Sunday as a Festive Day of Rest.  Since our worship time doesn’t start until 4:10pm, everyone is encouraged to spend the morning and early afternoon resting and diving into things that excite you about God’s world.  Have a lazy cup of coffee over the newspaper.  Go on a hike with friends or family.  Sleep!  Enjoy and celebrate an opportunity to breathe.

At 4pm, show up and chat with members of the Square Inch Family.  Then, quiet yourself with the rest of us and breathe in God’s Spirit.  We connect with the Divine through a liturgy which includes

A collective prayer, Songs of Adoration to God, Self reflection and a Promise of Forgiveness, Silence and praying, Scripture Reading, Proclamation of Good News, the Eucharist, and the Love Feast.

We are a pretty small community, so if you are looking to make real connections; Sunday is a great day to come get to know who we are.  All are welcome!

riley baptism













nate profileMonday: On the second Monday evening of each month, our elders meet to discuss the direction of our church.  These meetings are open unless we must deal with a confidential matter.















IMG_0084elicovenant peopleIMG_0381aliceregailssnellers and stevemichaeldrangelcommunion-photo1.jpg

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