communion-photo1.jpgPlease join us at 4pm on Sundays at 920 Cherry St. se. (We actually get started around 4:15…)

Parking is on the south side of the building.  Enter through either door in the courtyard behind the ICCF building.  The door on the right is an accessible entrance available that will take you to the auditorium.  Floor 3R.  If you are taking the stairs, we worship on the 3rd floor.

The first thing you will experience during worship is a blessing from God.  We want you to know that God loves you and values you.  Nothing happens before you know that.

We sing, pray, and travel through Scriptures together in a liturgical but relaxed manner with as much participation from the community as possible. We take communion weekly after Pastor Steve’s message.  All who are baptized and trust Jesus as their savior are welcome to partake. During our communion liturgy, we pass the peace of Christ mainly with hugs…but if you just want to shake hands that’s totally fine. The bread we use during communion is gluten free and the cup is filled with grape juice. If you have a child who is not taking communion, Pastor Steve will come around and offer a blessing over them.  If you are not taking communion but still wish to be part of the circle, please know that you are welcome to be in the midst of Christ’s love.

After worship, we have a simple soup supper around the table together is often had.  This is a great time to build relationships and be a family.  All the food is vegan and we use sun butter instead of peanut butter.  We also have freshly baked gluten free bread available every Sunday so no one has to worry that they won’t be able to eat.