Inch Fest is August 23!


Inch Fest is Square Inch Community’s annual Music/Justice/Art event.

The purpose of this event is to join in the wide creativity of our city.  It is less an evangelistic effort and more of a “Matthew” event.  The term “Matthew Event” comes from Matthew 9 where Jesus was simply hanging out at a party at Matthew’s place.  Jesus got some guff for it from the religious leaders.  But Jesus said that it’s crucial to just be present and join in the life of the wider community.  So, that’s what Inch Fest is about.  It is an opportunity for our Faith Community to be a participant in the vibrant life of our city.  To that end, we will work to showcase excellent musicians, excellent artists, and do it all with a firm grip on our identity as Christ’s followers.  There are many tasks involved in pulling off an event like this.  All are welcome to throw their hats in the ring and make Inch Fest 2013 as amazing as last year’s event.


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