Money Talks

We’re going to look at James 2 this coming Sunday. At least part of it anyway.

Our Bible studies have become think tanks for the upcoming Sunday’s passage and Monday morning’s Wondering Session was full of great questions and challenges.  We’ll look at the same passage at Tuesday’s Wondering session and I anticipate even more questions and challenges.

As we prepare ourselves to hear God’s Word this Sunday (read James 2 over a few times before we meet at 4:10pm) let me throw a couple sentences out there from my studies so far.  How do you react?  How do you find confirmation or not in the rest of the Bible?  How are the things James speaks of in Chapter 2 still relevant today? Or aren’t his words relevant?

From James Motyer:

If we would follow the Lord Jesus then it must be our glory, as it was his, to be incessantly and preponderantly on the side of the poor, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged and the the oppressed.  To do this is to identify ourselves with the very heart of God and to live obediently tot he main line of his revealed will

and this:

If James calls us to live out the life of God by caring for the poor, he is equally determined that we should not be dazzled by the rich…It was not all that long ago, indeed, when the wealthy paid an annual rent to secure a well-placed seat in our parish churches, while those who could not raise the financial wind had to be content with seats in the far-off corners bearing the (actual) label “Free.”  Even if such blatant inequality is now a thing of the past, it is by no means unusual for a person to have a voice in church affairs related not to his [or her] wisdom but to his wealth.

Money still does the talking far too loudly in Christian circles, and where and when it does, the glory of Christ departs.


Let’s talk…

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