James: an Introduction

Maybe you’ve read the book of James in the New Testament.  Maybe you’ve found it helpful as a clear guide for what kind of rules a Christian should follow.  Maybe you’ve wondered why it’s so heavy on good deeds and doesn’t talk a lot about grace.  Maybe you’ve even heard that Martin Luther didn’t exactly love the book of James.  But have you ever thought about James as a book about relationships?  Is there something bigger going on than just a diatribe on proving one’s faith?  What if the book of James is all about the kind of character one should develop in order to live fully into the promises of God.  What if the book of James is all about developing a way to relate to our fellow human so that we can, as Thomas a Kempis would say, enjoy eternal liberty?

Come join us this Sunday at 920 Cherry St. se (enter around back and go to the 3rd floor)

We will be reading through the book of James as a family and hearing a brief introduction to this next series of messages from the Rev.

Bring an appetite: we eat a Love Feast after our final song.



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